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What to Expect

What makes Small Alaska Ship different from all the rest

What to expect before boarding

What makes Small Alaska Ship different from all the rest?
• Fantasy Cruises is the only Small ship with a panoramic, top deck observation lounge, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in climate-controlled comfort even on cold or windy days• Our trips are all-inclusive – no hidden fees and no incidentals. All meals, (including a cocktail hour and wine with dinner), kayaking, walking tours, port charges, and taxes are included in the price of your cruise. The only additional fee is your crew gratuity.

• The owner of Fantasy Cruises is also the First Captain and his Wife. Enjoy the personal service and attention to detail that stems from Owner Owned and Operated cruise.

• We’re flexible! As owners, we don’t have to follow a strict itinerary. We are able to deviate from the established itinerary and offer additional sites and tours when the opportunity arises. Do you want to see a brilliant Whale show? See bears feeding on the beach? A beautiful extra day to kayak? We want to make your vacation an experience you’ll treasure. Just speak to your Captain, Captain Jeff. If anyone can, HE can make it happen.

• You will have the MOST peaceful nights EVER on a Ship. Why?? NO loud generators to keep you up. AND, we only cruise during the day, and we shut down our engines at night – so you can enjoy a quiet, peaceful sleep. So open your cabin windows and take advantage of the sounds of nature.

• Every Alaska cruise features an onboard certified Alaska Naturalist to give you deep insights into the behaviors and habits of the Alaskan wildlife.

• Our staterooms and lounges are roomy and comfortable: providing full-size windows for lots of natural light, as well as private showers and toilets in every stateroom. Plus, opening windows allows you to take full advantage of the scenery, even in your cabin.