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Andy & Ivy Green of Traveltizers went on our August 16th Wilderness Cruise and their article is out!

Here’s a bit of their letter to us:

“We usually don’t post the story on the website until it appears in the print publications, but we know this will be a particularly popular read and we want to give people an extra month’s notice so they can reserve a spot.

Anyway, to access the story, go to It’s right there, in the FEATURED SPECIALS section and will remain there until late March.  After that, it will migrate to the More Featured Specials section for a few months (still easily accessible), and then we’ll highlight it again on the front page in December or January. (The article mentions a related story on Juneau. It’s in the MORE SMALL BITES section.)”
Please head on over to their site and read about their trip with Fantasy Cruises – Small Alaska Ship.
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