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Small Alaska Ship - Island Spirit
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Join us as we cruise the deep channels, fjords and islands of the Alexander Archipelago, and tour popular destinations on the Alaskan mainland, as well. Popular points of interest include:

Stikine River, Alaska

Wrangell is the Gateway to the Stikine River, or Stik-Heen, which means 'Great River' in Tlingit. The Stikine River certainly lives up to its name.....Learn More

Alexander Archipelago, Alaska

The Alexander Archipelago is a three-hundred-mile-long archipelago off the southeastern coast of Alaska. It contains about 1,100 islands, which are the tops of submerged coastal mountains that rise steeply from the Pacific Ocean.....Learn More

St. John's Harbor / Zarembo Island

Zarembo Island is an island in the Alexander Archipelago of southeastern Alaska, United States. It lies directly south of Mitkof Island and northwest of......Learn More

Petersburg, Alaska

Petersburg was named after Peter Buschmann, a Norwegian immigrant and a pioneer in the cannery business who came to America in the late...Learn More

Hobart Bay, Alaska

The bay was named in 1889 by Lt. Commander Mansfield of the U. S. Navy. The site was first settled as a logging camp. The population has declined in recent years...Learn More

Dawes Glacier

No visit to the region is really complete without a chance to witness the raw power of nature as embodied in a tidewater glacier....Learn More

Ford's Terror

Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness contains 653,179 acres (2,643.32 km2) and consists of two deep and narrow fjords: Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm....Learn More

Juneau, Alaska

Long before European settlement in the Americas, the Gastineau Channel was a favorite fishing ground for local Tlingit Indians....Learn More

Mt. Roberts

Mount Roberts or Roberts Peak is a 3,819 foot (1,164 m) mountain just east of downtown Juneau, Alaska....Learn More

Funter Bay

Funter Bay is a two-mile-long (3 km) bay on the western side of Admiralty Island near its northern tip, in the Alexander Archipelago of the U.S. state of Alaska...Learn More

Icy Straits

The Icy Strait is a strait in the Alexander Archipelago in southeastern Alaska, at about 58°16′41″N 135°38′48″WCoordinates: 58°16′41″N 135°38′48″W....Learn More

Tenakee Springs

Tenakee Springs is a small community of about 100 people located on Chichagof Island in Southeast Alaska...Learn More

Fish Bay / Peril Straits

Peril Strait or Háat Ishkáak is a strait in the Alexander Archipelago in southeastern Alaska. It is between Chichagof Island to its north....Learn More

Glacier Bay National Park

From the snow-capped mountain tops to deep fjords, tidewater glaciers and freshwater streams, Glacier Bay National...Learn More

Sitka, Alaska

The area was originally settled by the native Tlingit Indians. Old Sitka was founded in 1799 by Alexander Baranov....Learn More

Points of Interest