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Small Alaska Ship is the best small ship Alaska cruise!

You haven't experienced Alaska, the San Juan Islands, or the Columbia River, until you've taken the Island Spirit Cruise Fantasy Cruise in Anchorage, Alaska. The Island Spirit fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska, owned and operated by Captain Jeff and his wife, Catherine, stands ready to take you on the trip of your lifetime. When you call the office, you will speak directly with them or their personal assistant.  If you have any questions, we can certainly answer them and we promise to do our very best to cater to each and every guest.
Because the fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska is run by the owner, we are not bound by a specific itinerary. If there are whales or other wildlife, the Captain will stop for you to enjoy the sights; if it's a beautiful day, then kayaking may be added to the schedule as well. The Captain and crew of the Island Spirit fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska aim to please and make your vacation one to remember forever.  As far as our itineraries, they are the canvas for your fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska; however, they can never be replicated. Like an artist with each painting - the weather, wildlife, and opportunities make each cruise unique. 
The Island Spirit Fantasy Cruise in Anchorage, Alaska is the only small ship with a panoramic top deck observation lounge, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in climate-controlled comfort even on cold or windy days.
Our trips on the fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska are all-inclusive - no hidden fees and no incidentals. All meals, cocktail hour, wines with dinner, kayaks, walking tours, port charges and taxes are included in the price of your cruise. The only additional fee is your crew tip.
The Island Spirit fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska runs in blue waters, but is totally “green.”  Our small ship has a black and gray water treatment system aboard. We reduce our “carbon footprint” or pollution level by shutting our generators off at night. This is an extra added bonus! In the evenings, the Island Spirit fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska runs on 8,000 pounds of batteries; this provides peaceful evenings for a great night’s sleep! Thanks to our exclusive battery system, the lighting, heating, and charging of your electronics are quietly managed at night - You don’t hear the noise of the generators. Instead, you can enjoy the sounds of nature as it should be: simply quiet. Waterfalls, whales, and nature are at their best when enjoyed on the Island Spirit, as NO other fantasy cruise in Anchorage, Alaska can offer you!
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Book Your Spot On The Wilderness Cruise! | 800-234-3861

Enjoy booking a beautiful Southeast Alaska cruise for viewing the Alaska Wilderness for 9 days and 8 nights. Anchorage, Alaska Residents love our Wilderness Cruise because it covers lots of beautiful Alaska Wilderness.

Below is a small a list of what Anchorage, Alaska Residents can expect with this Alaska Wilderness Cruise.

- Visit Alaska towns of Anchorage, Petersburg or Kake, Tenekee Springs, Hoonah
- Spend a Day in Fords Terror and visit Dawes Glacier
- Have a few days to kayak and /or hike to area lake

We can cruise into bays and inlets only known by the local experts and only accessible by small ships.  Book Today!  800-234-3861

Top 5 Reasons Why Anchorage, Alaska Residents like taking our Alaska Cruise Ship Experiences!

Anchorage, Alaska Residents like the fact that we are owner operated has much to do with our cruises. We are not bound by an itinerary. If the Captain sees whales, you are going to enjoy the whale show.. and change the itinerary. If it is a beautiful day and the passengers want to Kayak, that is what you are going to do, he aims to please and make your vacation one to remember forever.

Anchorage, Alaska Residents enjoy knowing they can cruise into bays and inlets only known by the local experts and only accessible by small ships.

Anchorage, Alaska Residents are the ONLY vessel that runs on batteries at night! We only cruise during the day and spend our evenings in tranquil bays or cozy harbor towns. We shut down the noisy generators at night, but you still have access to all your necessary items, because we run on batteries at night. You will have the most peaceful evening and enjoy the real Alaska beauty, waterfalls, maybe a whale outside your window. Just quiet and relaxing.

Anchorage, Alaska Residents love that our trips are all-inclusive! Even our daily cocktail parties are included, served each day at 5 p.m. All port charges and taxes are included!

• Our Anchorage, Alaska passengers love the fact that every room has private shower.. (not standing over the toilet). and opening windows.

Anchorage, Alaska Residents can use our Kayaks are available for use by guests at no additional charge. Our crew will take time to give basic instruction in their use and to stand by to assist. We will join you in paddling and enjoying the various bays. Other activities are available for non-kayakers.

• What more can I tell you? WE give you the REAL DREAM VACATION for Anchorage, Alaska Residents. We own the business, we own the ship, we operate the cruises.. If you are not happy, come talk to us. We are onboard, and we are their to make your cruise the very best. Who can Promise that!
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Small Alaska Ship - Testimonials
“My biggest concern about the cruise was food restrictions. When my husband’s plate came up from the galley with his name on it, I couldn’t ask for more. Loved the cruise, crew, and food.
“I just wanted to say again that you guys really did an amazing job! My parents and myself totally enjoyed our cruise in the Island Spirit. I have been sharing my experience with my agents and even friends.
“I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to for this trip. We did an Alaskan cruise on the Island Spirit! AMAZING! Cannot say enough about the crew and how they made us feel right at home!
"Thanks very much for your help in booking this amazing cruise. We just returned today and all seven people in our group had so much fun and were so pleased with the sites, the crew, the food.
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Small Alaska Ship - Captain Jeff and Catherine
Captain Jeff & Catherine
Fantasy Cruises has been based in Seattle since 1990.

Captain Jeff Behrens and wife Catherine are the owners of Fantasy Cruises and will be personally involved in your cruise from beginning to end.

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Fantasy Cruises
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Pierson, FL 32180
Toll Free: 800-234-3861