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On the Discovery Cruise there can be many sightings of humpback whales and on a couple of occasions whales could come up quite close to the ship. You can be entertained by the whales feeding, their large mouths coming out of the water and also some breaching with their tails slapping the water. On land, you might see some bears from a distance while bald eagles perch high on the treetops.

One of our amazing Southeast Alaska cruises planned for 2018 is our Discovery Cruise which is a 9 day, 8 night cruise. The Discovery Cruise, for 2018, runs from either Sitka to Petersburg, AK or Petersburg to Sitka, AK.

Below is a small a list of what to expect with this cruise.

– Visit Alaska towns of Juneau, Kake, Tenekee Springs, and Hoonah

– Spend a Day in Fords Terror and visit Dawes Glacier

– Have a few days to kayak/woods walk

We can cruise into bays and inlets only known by the local experts and only accessible by small ships.

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