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Dining With Small Alaska Ship

The dining area hosts a full-service breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

Island Spirit

The dining area hosts our 32 guests for a full-service breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

It is a nice area for relaxing during the day while we are cruising. We also host a brunch once during each cruise and a Captain’s Dinner (Casual Attire, of course).

In the lounge, we serve a continental breakfast at 5:30 AM, also including coffee, tea, and light beverages. 8:30 AM we serve a sit down family style breakfast. Once during each cruise we serve a brunch at 10:30 AM. You will be notified in advance of which day.
During the day, the lounge and dining area serves as a comfortable area for relaxing. As we cruise, some guests like to play games, make puzzles, read books (that we have aboard) and chat.
The Island Spirit has the largest outside deck areas of any US small ship, giving each guest plenty of space. This deck includes: the front bow area, the upper deck with 360 degree viewing, our back deck behind the lounge, and our guest room back deck, the only area legal smoking is allowed. Please note, coast guard regulations prohibits the smoking of marijuana, amongst other illegal substances.
We serve a sit down lunch daily at approximately 12:30 PM, depending on the day’s itinerary. lunch, we also serve a daily baked item prepared by our Sous Chef. Yummy!
We begin our cocktail hour at 5:00 PM and close the bar after dinner. If you would like to have adult beverages earlier in the day, or after the bar is closed, you are welcome to bring your own adult beverages that you may keep in your cabin, or we will be happy to hold behind the bar. The Chef prepares a daily appetizer to have with your cocktails. However, if you are participating in kayaking, you will be prohibited from doing so if you have been consuming alcoholic beverages. Your safety is always our main concern.

Dinner is served around 6:30 PM, depending on the daily itinerary. The dinner is a casual sit down delicious meal. We also host a Captain’s night, when we relieve the Captain so he may join you for dinner. However, it is still casual attire, as always. also complete each dinner meal with a scrumptious dessert.