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Before Boarding

Some notes before boarding Small Alaska Ship

Things to plan for before boarding

We look forward to your cruising with us in Southeast Alaska. It’s time for some final preparations and planning for your vacation.

We recommend packing one suitcase and a carry-on bag. Our cabins have a small dresser for your clothes and some hanging space and your suitcases will fit under your bed. Alaska weather varies during the days. Dressing in layers is advised, and we suggest bringing a parka, rain gear and appropriate walking shoes (Alaska is in a rainforest). It is casual onboard, no formal evenings, so please dress comfortably.

Please also note, that boarding is not before your scheduled boarding time. We can take your luggage, if we pick you up at the airport, and pick your luggage up at your hotel at noon on boarding day. However, to ensure that our Vessel and Crew is properly prepared for your cruise, we do not permit early boarding. Rooms have an outlet to charge your phone or cameras; hair dryers are not provided. Please note, cell phones will only work intermittently. An emergency contact number, and number to the ship WHILE cruising with us is: 206-947-1275. There will be 1-2 times during the cruise where limited wi-fi is available for you to check emails, if you have brought your computer. No TVs, so enjoy the scenery and listen to nature talk to you. We encourage you to take advantage of the quiet that we get to experience. During the trip we will visit a number of Alaskan communities. Occasionally, we will use our small US Coast Guard licensed shore boat. Please advise us if you have any mobility issues as well as food allergies or special diets needs, so we can plan for this in advance. If we don’t know, we cannot accommodate, and we are here to accommodate!

Our alcoholic beverage policy is to host wines, beer and liquor during our daily cocktail hour (normally around 5 PM) and during dinner (please note, our bar is closed after dinner). These liquors are not “Top Shelf” so if your tastes are more refined, you are welcome to bring something special, should you choose. In the evening we may have a movie, kayak, or perhaps visit a local town or community. When kayaking is in your evening plans, we ask that you refrain from any alcohol. Safety is always our first concern. Please note breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, dinner and all land tours are all included in your cruise. Your crew works very hard to make sure your have a wonderful vacation. Please be sure to tip your crew, as you will be given the opportunity to on the last day of your cruise. Cash is best, you can pay with a check to the Captain, or request that we place on your charge card. Please do that before cruising.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us at 800-234-3861 so that we may assist you. We are looking forward to cruising Southeast Alaska with you!

Please take a look at our payment policy and points of interest links for more helpful information.