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Let me tell you a little about our small ship.

I can tell you the fact that we are owner operated.. has much to do with our cruise.. We are not bound by an itinerary.. If my husband sees whales, you are going to enjoy the whale show.. and change the itinerary.. If it is a beautiful day and the passengers want to Kayak .. that is what you are going to do, he aims to please and make your vacation one to remember forever.

We also only have 32 passengers.. Every room has private shower.. (not standing over the toilet). and opening windows.

We shut down the generators at night and run on batteries, so you can enjoy the REAL Alaskan beauty.. waterfalls, maybe a whale outside your window.. Just quiet and relaxing..

What more can I tell you.. WE give you the REAL ALASKA DREAM VACATION.
I have also attached some feedback from just a few of our happy cruisers from this summer.

Please call us today for any additional questions and to book your cabin.

Catherine Behrens
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